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Ask A Career Expert | Corporate Professional Career Coaching & Consulting

With over 25 years of corporate professional career coaching and consulting expertise, Fiona Bryan, Principal of the Ask A Career Expert practice, supports professionals and organizations in creating amazing work relationships and environments.

As a well known Career and Communications Coach she helps professionals land their dream job and get bigger promotions, bigger salaries, and bigger bonuses. She works with individuals and corporations providing Career/Executive/Leadership coaching and Personal Branding Strategies in an accelerating digital world.

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Why Go It Alone When You Don’t Have To?

Imagine how rapidly your professional career and income will grow when you have trusted “from the trenches” support in place for EVERY aspect of your career growth. Our professional career coaching and transition services (Ask A Career Expert) include:

  • Creating compelling “What’s In It For Them” resumes that dramatically simplify the conversations that take place in job interviews, performance reviews, salary negotiations, board positions, and more.
  • Deep insights into the current recruiting models that companies are using TODAY.
  • Increasing your professional visibility and personal brand so recruiters, bosses, employers, and organizations see your true worth.
  • Job hunting “mastery” – including “How to Ace The Interview and Get You Paid What You are Worth!” her downloadable eBook with the coaching information, tips and techniques that have helped thousands of people across North America and the UK navigate their way successfully through the stress and time crunch of modern job interviews and career transitions.
  • Negotiating and asking for all that you are worth – even when the job market is super competitive and tough!
  • Translating gender and generational communications and creating a powerful leadership presence for speaking opportunities, promotions, sabbaticals, and much more.
Fiona Bryan | Ask A Career Expert

What Some Of Fiona’s Clients Say:

Fiona, (The Bryan Group/ Ask a Career Expert), was pivotal in my “rebranding” efforts in order to continue landing quality consulting/contract assignments.

Her coaching and hands on approach resulted in producing a refreshed resume and more importantly, create a compelling and more visible LinkedIn profile. This has led to increased interest in recruiters, and as a marketing tool, provides a crisp presentation of my skills and my “brand” to recruiters and prospective clients alike.

Fiona’s mock interview questions and approach provided insightful, direct and actionable feedback that allowed me to respond to age old questions in a fresh and authentic way.

In the end, Fiona provided the injection of objectivity and marketing savvy necessary to kick-start the next leg of my consulting journey. And no matter how experienced I am in searching for my next role, having a seasoned professional like Fiona supporting your efforts cannot be overstated.

Thank you, and wishing you continued success, Fiona!

Louanna Chu
Louanna Chu, CMC – Program Director

“Fiona has acted as a confidant and coach for me for the past 8+ years while I’ve been through many personal and professional high and lows. During the high periods, Fiona has ensured that my feet remain grounded and during the low periods she’s prevented me from wallowing or getting lost in sorrow… I have transformed my professional and personal life to a place that I’m more happy with both today and the long term. Work with Fiona if you want a no‐B.S., no holds barred discussions and results.”

Saurabh Thakar
Saurabh Thakar
Management team for Tier 1 Bank ‐ Toronto, Canada

“Fiona is unlike most women I have ever met or done business with! Her direct, candid approach is very refreshing. She offers a great breath in supporting women and in fact helped me review my skill set and focus on my strengths so I can showcase them to potential clients and employers…Working with her has been a game changer for me!!!”

Marta Hill Gray
Marta Hill Gray
CEO, Gray Matter Group/SCE Inc. • MartaGrayMatters.com

“Hiring Fiona as my career coach has been one of the best investments of my life​! She provided ​great coaching in helping me find the right words that best describe who I am and what I can offer​ an employer​. With her guidance, I am now more confident, aware of my accomplishments and I know exactly where I want to go in my career. I am​ very​ proud to say that I received a job offer yesterday and accepted it​ (for even more money than I would have hoped from her guidance and market knowledge!). ​ I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Manon Houle
Manon Houle
Bilingual Business Analyst (BPM)

“Straight talk, challenging self-evaluation questions, honest appraisal, solid perspectives, and excellent suggestions… If you are looking for someone to provide critical thinking on your career, job, transition strategy, or better still, what your ‘brand’ is and what you stand for, then speak with Fiona. Apart from valuable insight into your digital presence and the standard personal brand marketing materials, Fiona will pro actively drive you through some thought and ideation gates that you must pass through in order to set you up to get where you want to be. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment and networking opportunity!”

Paul Blaney
Paul Blaney, BSc., MSc., PMP
Technology Delivery Executive

“From the coaching I’ve done with Fiona I’ve made huge shifts and have a much more positive mindset and her corporate/career coaching just helped me land my dream job! She’s really taught me how to be empowered, how to be true to me, how to address what’s holding me back – and so much more. Not once have I ever felt judged by Fiona and she’s always empathetic. Fiona has helped me achieve major freedom in my life – and for that I will always be thankful to her.”

Ask a Career Expert
K. M. W.
VP eCommerce, Canada

“As COO of a financial software company, Fiona worked with me and others in the executive team to acquire some of the best talent we hired. Unlike most other consultants we’d worked with, Fiona actually came to our offices frequently and took the time to meet with me and my team to assess what our real needs were. She would always help us manage our expectations and re-align our ‘ask’ to make it realistic in terms of being able to find the high level of talent we wanted in a meaningful period of time. This allowed us to hire a better fit faster. At the same time, it ensured that expectations on both sides of the equation, after the initial onboarding, were well met. In other words, both sides knew exactly what they were walking into. No other consultant I have worked with took the time to understand and set expectations with such clarity!”

Ask a Career Expert

A Chief Operating Officer
Financial Services Company Toronto, Ontario

“Fiona was recommended to me as a great resource for professional guidance and support for a significant career negotiation that I was entering into. Over the weeks that followed, Fiona and I worked closely to successfully gain a much deeper understanding of the client’s offering and the opportunity. Through our joined efforts I feel that I really gained significant ground and better understood my position. Fiona’s guidance allowed me to clarify what I could expect and what I wanted to ask for in order to generate the outcome that I wanted. And we got that – I received the desired offer detailing exactly what I was looking for! The strategy and work we did was invaluable. I gained a lot from this exercise in negotiation and communication strategy that has been carried into both my professional and personal life and I continue to use these tools today. It was such a positive experience working with Fiona that I have already recommended her to several people in my network.”

Ask a Career Expert
J. Ansara

Digital Analytics Expert

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